Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Made an improvement to the tasks product and added a new feature to the presentations product.
  • Calendly embed:
    Added the ability to embed your Calendly booking page as a page in your presentation.
Time with due date
: Added the ability to select a time of day with AM or PM when selecting a due date in the tasks product.
Added new features to the CRM product.
CRM product
  • Multi-Select Column Type:
    We've introduced the ability to create a multi-select column type in CRM. This feature allows you to select multiple options from a predefined list for each entry in your CRM. Additionally, you can customize the color of each option for better visual distinction. Please note that the multi-select feature is currently available for custom options only, not for data source options.
  • AI Content Generator for Single Row:
    Enhance your CRM entries with AI-generated textual content! You can now generate content for any column of type 'long text'. This feature is flexible, allowing you to create content for all rows in a column or just a single row, depending on your needs.
Added a Referral Program and Atlas AI Features to the CRM Product
CRM Product
• Generate Columns Based on Request: You can specify your requirements for column generation, ranging from specific to generic requests. You can also specify the number of columns you want. Atlas AI remembers the columns you've created previously to provide better suggestions in the future.
• Generate Content for Long Description Column Type: Atlas AI can generate content for long description columns. You can provide specific or generic requests, and Atlas AI will use all the table row values and columns to generate content based on your request.
Referral Program
• Earn 20% Lifetime Recurring Commission: Refer friends to our CRM product and earn a 20% lifetime recurring commission on their sales. You can find your unique referral link at the bottom of the left sidebar under your business account. Payouts will be sent monthly to the email associated with your user account, not the business account.
Added the ability to link a presentation from the Presentations product to any row in a CRM.
Users must have both 'Manage CRM' and 'Manage Presentations' permissions to link or unlink presentations.
Introduced CRM Forms feature and fixed bugs related to CRM spaces and tables.
  • Fixed a bug where CRM spaces weren't being deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where a new CRM table wasn't being created when a space is created.
  • Added a new feature to CRM called CRM Forms. You can create unlimited forms associated with a CRM table and use the columns in the table as form inputs. Any form submission will be entered as a row in the associated CRM table. You can also see the form submission count. Deleting a form will not delete any submissions. You can also add the link to a webpage to display once the form is completed such as a link to a calendar.
Added the ability to preview task attachments such as PDFs, audio, videos, and images.
New feature added to CRM and made an improvement to the Tasks product.
  • Added a confirmation popup when deleting a task.
  • New CRM data import feature for importing data into a CRM table from CSV files.
Added a new feature to the Tasks product, made improvements, and fixed some bugs.
Tasks product
  • Fixed a bug where subtasks did not allow due date change and estimate time updates.
  • In the task details popup, added the ability to see the full name for the task and not just a truncated view.
  • Fixed a bug where comments were not being deleted when a task is deleted.
  • New feature: You can now track time spent on tasks and subtasks with time tracking logs.
  • Export all task time logs or a specific task's time logs as CSV or Excel file.
  • The home tasks screen is now prioritized first by due date, then by a combination of due date and priority, and then by priority alone.
  • Fixed a bug when a shortcut link was created.
More information on task time tracking feature:
Only the user who created the task space, is the owner of the business, or has task management permissions can see all tasks' time logs and export them in any way or delete an active timer or past task time log.
The user who created the time logs can only see or delete their own logs and stop their own timer. No one else can stop a user's timer on a task or subtask.
Only one timer can be active per user in a business per task or subtask.
When a task is deleted, subtasks, comments, attachments and time logs will be deleted.
Released a new feature for the Tasks product and made several improvements.
Tasks product
  • Fixed a bug in the Tasks product where the creator's first and last name wasn't showing up immediately after creating a task or subtask.
  • Added an estimated time column in tasks. You can set the time in hours that a task will take, and it's sortable - great for an additional prioritization component.
  • Added date and time for comments when created.
  • Added the ability to mention members of a business in a comment.
  • Added an attachment and comment button to each task, which shows when you have either attachments or comments on a task.
  • Fixed a bug when creating a task or subtask that prevented it from being displayed upon creation.
  • Added the ability to have task attachments deleted by the task space owner, any member with task management permissions, and the member who uploaded them.
CRM product
  • Fixed a bug in the notes section of the CRM.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented registering with Google and Facebook.
More information on the comments and mentions task feature:
Whenever a comment is added to a task, the creator of the task will be notified via email. If someone else on the team has at least added one comment on the task, they will be notified when future comments are added. To stop being alerted, their past comments must be deleted.
The user commenting will never receive an email alert unless they are the creator of the task and are not the ones commenting, or they are mentioned in a comment by someone else. When mentioning a member, it will notify them via email for that one comment only. They will not receive subsequent comment notifications unless they had at least one comment made previously.
For private task spaces, mentioning a member does not infer access to the space. They will receive an email notification, but they won't be able to access the space unless given access to it. Any member that made a comment or was mentioned but then had their access removed from the business, their icon will show up as an archived member.
Released a new feature for the Tasks product and made an improvement to the CRM product.
Task comments feature
  • Create unlimited comments on tasks and subtasks.
  • The creator of the task will be notified via email when a comment on their task is added.
  • Comments can be deleted by the owner of the business, any user who has manage tasks permission, and of course, the user who created the comment.
CRM improvement
  • In the list of notes for a row, a truncated preview of the overall content, if any, is shown.
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